Lookbook Summer 2020

Fotos © Beate Heymann

Lookbook Sommer 2020

FOX’S produziert ausschließlich in Europa mit hauptsächlich europäischen Stoffen und Zutaten. Das Modelabel trägt zum Umweltschutz durch möglichst kurze Transportwege bei.

Die Kollektionsentwicklung erfolgt ausschließlich bei FOX’S im Haus.

Fotos © 2020 FOX’S

Cycladicland – Spring Summer 2020

„The IOANNA KOURBELA BASICS collection for the summer of 2020, draws inspiration from Greek art and tradition as well as from the Greek summer. More specifically, Cycladic art is this seasons’ main theme. Historically, this form of art displays the first samples of the relationship formed between man and art since the Cycladic figurines carved out of marble from Paros five thousand years ago, was the first attempt of depicting the natural human form. Distinctive elements and characteristics adapt and assimilate into new propositions retaining nevertheless their minimal and effortless character, upholding the mark of the collection.’’ by Ioanna Kourbela

Video ©2020 Ioanna Kourbela

‚Luminous Instict‘ Spring Summer 2020 Collection by Ioanna Kourbela

Moving on further with the research on Cycladic art and its most flourishing period, one comes to the conclusion that there is a timelessness to this culture, that because of its minimalism, is directly linked with our present times, thus becoming an integral part of the Greek cultural heritage and identity. A tranquil force of substantial forms that derives from the simplicity of perfectly balanced analogies.by Ioanna Kourbela

Video ©2020 Ioanna Kourbela

Lookbook Spring/Summer 2020

Fotos © Sani Blu

Aktuelle Kollektion Frühling-Sommer 2020

Fotos © Capuccino

Kollektion Frühling-Sommer 2020

Fotos © MeKSTONE

Wondershape in Denim Colours.

Gepostet von Atelier GARDEUR am Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2019

There is nothing plain about a checked wideleg.

Gepostet von Atelier GARDEUR am Montag, 16. Dezember 2019

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Lookbook Summer 2020

Fotos ©2020 Maiden Lane

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